Tennis Extras

  • Practice Alley - $25/hr No Guest Fees! Our Practice alley is a 16ft wide alley complete with net and a Playmate Ball Machine at one end delivering tennis balls in all different settings.  Our ball machine can be adjusted for elevation, oscillation, frequency, top/back spin, & speed. Warm up before a game or practice your strokes on your own. This form of activity is great for stamina training.  The practice alley can be reserved in ½ hr time slots or hour time slots. There are no guest fees to utilize the practice alley. Includes balls and ball machine.
  • Preferred Player - Preferred player card is offered to members only. You may buy ten hours of open tennis court time (minimum ten hours) in advanced for $425.00. Each court is $50.00 per hr  X 10hrs = $500.00 – 15% off =  ~$425.00 (membership required)
  • Contract/Seasonal Time - Contract time begins in early September and goes through May.  Various time slots can be reserved during our 36-week season. One hour of tennis each week will be $1728.00 for the entire season.
  • Early Bird Tennis - 5:30am - 8am (weekdays only) $25 per/hr. Early Bird Tennis begins in September and is a yearly charge of $900 per person (including membership). Play as many hours as you wish between 5:30am-8am Monday thru Friday.
  • Racquetball/Wallyball - A Racquetball court is $25/hr. Wallyball is a variation of volleyball but within the confines of a racquetball court 40'X20'. The net crosses over the center and the walls are in play.
Weekdays 8:00am - 10:00pm $50.00 $1728.00
Weekends 8:00am - 6:00pm $50.00 $1728.00
Early Bird 6:00am - 8:00am $25.00 $900.00 (Full Year / Unlimited / Per Person)
Summer Open Time (Begins June 1st) $30.00 N/A
*Guest fees apply $5.00 per/non-member * Racquet Membership required for 36 week seasonal contract play