Swim Team


We are looking forward to another Hurricanes Swim Team season here at the Mendham Health & Racquet Club. Our exciting and progressive swim meets will begin in early July, and we continue to compete in the Jockey Hollow Swim League.The Swim Team season ends with a pizza Swim Party hosted by the club. The party will be held on Friday during the last week of practice. Trophies/Medals are awarded to each swimmer at this time. The Swim league Round Robin Championship is the last Saturday in July. This season the JHSL Round Robin swim meet will be held at MH&RC July 28th 2018.

Our Coaching Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy is to introduce all swimmers to the fundamental skills of competitive swimming. These include stroke skills, turns, teamwork, and responsibility. Remember, we want to keep this fun for the swimmers as well as the parents and coaches.


Swim Team practices will be held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5-745 pm. Each age level will practice at different times. Younger swimmers (8 and under) will be first at 5pm, 9-10 year olds at 6pm, and 11 year olds and up at 7pm. Swimmers are expected to attend as many practices as possible in order to take advantage of the quality coaching. Fundamental stroke and turn development is critical. Missing practices will put swimmers at a disadvantage with the progressive development coaching method. Only thunder/lightning will cancel practices; rain or cold water will not. *These times are subject to change at Mgr/ coach’s discretion. 
*Note: Half (1/2) the pool will be open to our member base on practice days.


Duel meets will be Tuesday evening, Thursday evening, and Saturday morning. Tuesday and Thursday duel meets will begin at 5:30pm and continue to the duration of the meet. Saturday meets will start at 10am with warm ups at 930am. *Note: During this time the pool will be closed to our member base. *Note: League Meet schedule will be available at the front desk once developed.

Swim Fitting - Parent Meeting

The swim fitting will be held on Monday June 18th 2018 in the lobby of the club from 5:00pm-6:00pm. The fitting will display our chosen suit for the year, and a wide array of swimming accessories for purchase. Each swimmer should obtain a team swim suit for an additional charge. 
The Parent meeting will follow the swim fitting (6:00pm) and give the parents a chance to speak with the coaches. Each parent will be asked to volunteer for a specific job during the meets.

Time Trials

Times Trials begin the day after the parent meeting/swim fitting, which is typically late in June. Time trials are mandatory. It gives the coaches a idea of the swimmers ability at the beginning of the season. All strokes will be performed and times will be logged.

The Swim Team fees are:
  • $50.00 (one child)
  • $90.00 (two children)
  • $110.00 (three children)
  • $125.00 (four children)

We look forward to a wonderful swim team season!