Swim Lessons

Group Swim Lessons are FREE for our active pool members. Group lessons are scheduled from 8am to 11am Monday through Thursday. There are no lessons Friday, Saturday, and Sunday or July 4th 2018.

  • Advanced level - Perfection of all strokes, turns & dives, scheduled early starting at 800am.
  • Intermediate level - Front & back crawl perfection, is scheduled at 845am.
  • Advanced Beginner level - Basic front & back crawl. Deep water orientation, scheduled at 930am.
  • Beginner level - Water orientation, no swimming ability, scheduled at 1015am.

*No charge for active swim members. Group swim lessons run Monday through Thursday (no lessons Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).
The first session begins on July 2nd through July 12th (No lessons July 4th).
Session number two begins Monday July 16th – group lessons end Thursday July 26th. *Please place yourself or your child in the correct level to progress in their talent of swimming.  Ability levels range from beginner to advanced.  There is no registration for group swim lessons. You must be an active member to participate.

There is No Fee for these group lessons for swim members. Non- Members are not permitted


Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons are performed by one of our approved certified lifeguards on staff. The price is $30 for ½ hour with one child and $40.00 for ½ hour with two children. Private lessons can be scheduled when the pool opens at 11:00am – when the pool closes at 8pm. The lessons are available for all ages. *Scheduling restrictions may apply mainly between the hours of 2pm-6pm. Please note: The pool may have excess bathers resulting in deferred attention and/or possible injury. A lap lane may be utilized for added security if the pool is not at capacity with bathers.

Private Swim Lesson Rate Schedule: ( 1/2 Hour ) 
  • One child - $30.00
  • Two children - $40.00
*All fees are paid at the front desk in the clubhouse.