F.I.T. Personal Training

Lisa R. Dumont: F.I.T. Owner
Email: getfit@gti.net
Call: 973.543.0100

Membership to the Club is NOT required to personal train with our group.

All of First In Training's personal trainers are nationally industry certified by recognized organizations. All must maintain current CPR certifications and are required to attend continuing education courses during the year to keep abreast of as much new exercise science as possible. We will prescribe progressive exercise programs to ensure variety and fun during the sessions. We will continue to establish realistic goals with you, providing periodic evaluations and keeping detailed workout records that will allow you to recognize your accomplishments.

F.I.T. is located in the Mendham Health and Racquet Club. Membership in the Club is not required to personal train with our group. Rates and schedules may be obtained by contacting Lisa Dumont at the below number.

About Lisa Dumont, F.I.T. Owner

  • Nationally Certified with the American Council on Exercise, 1999-present
  • Red Cross Certified in Adult/Child AED/CPR
  • B.A. from Colorado Women's College and Associates Business Degree from Katharine Gibbs School, NY
  • Extensive contining education with Ian King, Australian Olympic and World Cup Coach:
  • Certified King's Foundations of Physical Preparation
  • Certified Graduate King's Sport's International Boot Camp
  • Certified Graduate King's Sport's International Advanced Boot Camp
  • Certificate for Nutrition
  • Certificate Postural and Motor-Learning, Anthony Carey
  • Certificate Maximal Strength Seminar of Dave Tate, World Class Powerlifter
  • Certificate for Strength Training for Maximal Sprint Speed, Vertical Jump, and Agility Training, Charles Poliquin
  • Certificate for Foundations of Athletic Preparation, Charles Poliquin
  • Certificate American Council of Exercise for 40 hours of Theoretical Application in Personal Training
  • Certificate Amercan Council of Exercise for 15 hours of Practical Application/Kinesiology
  • Certificate for Comprehensive Balance and Mobility Training
  • Balance Training Certificate for Designing Programs for Improving Balance in Older Adults
  • 1999 NABF NJ Championships
  • Women's Overall Champion, Women's Masters - 1st Place, Women's Open, 1st Place
  • 2001 NPC Natural Capital City Bodybuilding Championships
  • Women's Open Heavyweight, 4th Place
  • 2001 NPC Physique Bodybuilding Championships
  • Women's Open Middle Weight, 1st Place
  • 2001 TwinLab NPC Team Universe Bodybuilding Championships, Competitor